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Classic and modern

Villafors has a permanent and changing art and gallery exhibition, where you can see a diverse collection of art and art forms, some of which are for the visual pleasure of our guests and some of which are for sale. There are both classic, modern and naive works, and there are well-known artists as well as rising stars, e.g. Anna Retulainen, Mark Kostabi, Andy Warhol, Jan Dobkovski, Ilkka Juhani Takalo-Eskola, Heta Kylmämaa, Gunter Grass, Oskar Kleineh, Petri Petrie, Juhani Perälä, Ari Kovero, Pekka Suhonen, Johanna Ekola, Sari Moilala and many others.

The artist Maarika Maury’s newer and older art productions are also on display. In the attic gallery, you can also watch the art being made. She is now working on gold-toned paintings for the Kronberg exhibition in Germany in 2024. The gallery is open every last Sunday of the month. In addition, we hold open doors irregularly and regularly during events and to suit the situation. We announce the schedules on our website and social media. Also get in touch and arrange a private screening for yourself or your group. Our course guests can also enjoy the exhibitions in our gallery.