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Experiences and training

Experiences and training

We also tailor a wide variety of inspiring activities or trainings for your group, led by competent and inspiring professionals. The experiences can be tailored according to the nature and goal of the occasion to support your goal or bring variety and experiences to the day or support the goals of the work community. For example art, nature, mindfullness, sound boils, murder mysteries, poetry, music and drama.

Also you can order a training sessions of strategies, leadership and management, sales or communication since we live in house of the managers.


Various outdoor or indoor activities can spice up your event. Experiences can be built around nature, making art or music. We can go to Torronsuo National Park for longwoods, a river canoeing trip from the area of the spinning mill, or organize various team games. The search for mental well-being and peace of mind can be strengthened by e.g. through meditation, yoga, or imagery exercises or nature connection exercises. The drama and story theater enhances the goals of many meetings and brings experiences to the day. “Herra Arki” or “Pelolla johtaminen on perseestä”  plays bring humor about the life of the work community to larger parties or solve a murder mystery to find out who the murderer is. The evening can include wine tasting or a cooking school. Along with the meeting, you can order massage or energy treatments.


Since the owners are working life coaches, it is easy to organize expert coaching on various topics, whether it is about finding a common direction and strategy, stimulating innovation, developing cooperation, stimulating sales skills or better management. With the help of Villaforss’ versatile experiences, you are empowered on the edge of well-being and better time management.